Next Generation of Windows

It’s not that hard, Microsoft — just don’t repeat those Windows 10 mistakes and you’ll be fine

Windows 11 are on the way and, regardless of their launch timeframe, they offer Microsoft an opportunity to re-connect with consumers in a better way than it did during the Windows 10 era. (Image: Microsoft)

The State of TV 2021

Four choices, a number of parameters, the best way to choose what’s best for each consumer long-term

There are many other factors to consider more important than an operating system for a new TV, but that remains important in the context of everyday use. (Image: Samsung)

A Successor in the Horizon

A number of different things but, most importantly, that something new is coming

Windows 10 is the most popular operating system for personal computers globally but it’s destined to be replaced in the next 4 years — or much, much earlier by the look of things. (Image: Microsoft)

The Pros That Weren’t

About time people called the company out for its greed and self-serving tactics, now as good a time as any

Promoting a tablet as a “computer” for a long time without ever having the intention of letting it be a true one is nothing less than a scam, Tim Cook. It’s simple as that and people are onto you now. (Image: Apple)

The State of TV 2021

All TVs can display all sorts of games, but modern titles deserve to be enjoyed to the fullest — here’s how

The term “gaming TV” was coined after the term “gaming monitor” in the PC market and, unsurprisingly, it refers to the very same features. (Image: Sony)

The State of TV 2021

What experts call “cinematic picture” requires certain display properties — here’s every single one

Everyone enjoys a good film on a home television but true movie fans demand more in terms of picture quality than what a cheap model working with cable TV content can offer. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices. (Image: Sony)

The State of TV 2021

Not all TVs offer equally good picture motion — plus a few more things to consider in that context

Modern televisions generally offer a good viewing experience when it comes to sports, but some do a much better job than others. (Image: Sony)

Copying things and fixing things is all the software progress we can now expect, apparently

A flashy two-hour presentation did not succeed in hiding the fact that, on the software front, Apple seems to have hit a wall it’s not interested in breaking through. Which is a shame. (Image: Apple)

The State of TV 2021

The extra pixels may or may not be worth the extra money — here’s how to decide

The television set industry has been pushing for a new upgrade cycle with 8K resolution models for three years now — is it time for consumers to join or most of them should better wait for a while? (Image: Samsung)

The State of TV 2021

Viewing distance and screen diagonal are obviously linked, here’s how to figure them out

The size of a modern TV is more or less dictated by the diagonal of its screen — so is the necessary viewing distance for most people. (Image: Samsung)

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