The State of TV 2021

Picking up a new television in 2021 can be a daunting, frustrating experience. It does not have to be. This article hub contains all the information consumers need in order to make the best choice for their needs. (Image: Sony)

For an operating system allegedly less than three months away we still do not know a lot about Windows 11. Here’s what we do know. (Image: Microsoft)

The iPhone 13 may be one of the least impressive year-on-year upgrades for Apple’s successful smartphone line. This is what consumers get when a manufacturer does not feel like trying anymore. (Image: Apple)

The PlayStation5 is getting its second major software update tomorrow and its most user-requested feature so far. Sony took its time, but at least consumers now have more options for compatible M.2 SSD storage than they did just a few months ago. (Image: Charles Sims, Unsplash)

Admittedly the low point of last week’s PlayStation Showcase, the PS5 version of GTA V failed to impress. What’s more, it has now angered practically every fan of recent GTA titles. (Image: Rockstar)

Sony hit it out of the park with its PlayStation Showcase, giving fans many reasons to look forward to 2022 as well as 2023, when Morales and Parker will be back in Marvel’s Spider-man 2. (Image: Sony)

HBO Max will be made available to consumers outside of the US more than 15 months after its debut. Sooner than Netflix, later than Disney Plus, then. (Image: Warner)

A mid-September Apple even can only mean one thing: new iPhones are coming. But the company may announce a few other new products too. (Image: Apple)

Sony already had a questionable strategy regarding PS4-to-PS5 cross-gen upgrades, but Horizon: Forbidden West’s preorder situation brought that matter to a head. This is now fixed, short-term as well as long-term. (Image: Sony)

Do not let the classy looks and small size fool you: this is a flagship smartphone through and through and maybe, just maybe, the most important one Samsung is releasing this year. (Image: Samsung)

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