The State of TV 2021

Picking up a new television in 2021 can be a daunting, frustrating experience. It does not have to be. This article hub contains all the information consumers need in order to make the best choice for their needs. (Image: Sony)

All the facts, some commentary, lots of links about Microsoft’s next operating system

For an operating system allegedly less than three months away we still do not know a lot about Windows 11. Here’s what we do know. (Image: Microsoft)

An interesting upgrade that may or may not find its way to consumers’ current televisions — unless…

Android TV 12 is released but it’s far from certain that the vast majority of consumers will get to use it on their current TV sets. The same happened, more or less, with Android 10 and 11. (Image: Google)

Sony’s patented controller may seem like low-hanging fruit, but the move speaks volumes for the future

Sony published a patent just a few days ago for a product that looks a lot like Razer’s pictured Kishi. That’s nice, but it’s also about much more than that. (Image: Razer)

The Eternals movie paints the famous “theatrical window” as more fluid than ever, so how will the House of Mouse proceed in 2022?

The Eternals movie is still doing decent numbers in the box office but it will find its way to Disney Plus way sooner than what a traditional “theatrical window” would allow. A shape of things to come? (Image: Disney)

No matter what the gaming system, it’s not all about the FPS and it shouldn’t be — here’s why

The number of frames a game displays on-screen every second affects its smoothness of motion and accuracy of control, so — for the longest of time — 30 of those were considered too few. Are they, though? It’s not that simple. (Image: Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels)

The Koreans seem to be going down the same old path, we’re all hoping for some unexpected news at CES

We will not know for sure until LG’s press conference in CES during the first week of January 2022 wraps up but, evidently, the Koreans have yet again chosen to not shake things up with their next OLED TV lineup. (Image: LG)

Games already reap the benefits of leaving mechanical drives behind, but how can consumers future-proof their systems?

PC gamers know full well how much of a difference an SSD drive can make in day-to-day use compared to a mechanical one, but mainstream gaming — as represented now by the PS5 or Xbox Series S|X — is pushing the importance of SSDs to a whole new level. (Image: Western Digital)

There are clear indications pointing to what many of us suspected, this is how it can be handled

8K TVs are rightfully considered to be the bleeding edge of modern display technology but, if analysts’ opinions are anything to go by, they will not enjoy mainstream market penetration for quite some time. (Image: Samsung)

Sales of ten million anything is nothing to sniff at, but may it have taken too long after all?

It’s hard to believe that it took almost nine years for LG, the world’s biggest OLED panel manufacturer, to sell ten million OLED TVs. Yet here we are. (Image: LG)

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