The State of TV 2021

Ten explainers plus reviews and features so you can pick the right TV set among the dozens available in the market today

Picking up a new television in 2021 can be a daunting, frustrating experience. It does not have to be. This article hub contains all the information consumers need in order to make the best choice for their needs. (Image: Sony)

Every year millions of people decide to get a new TV for their home — not just for their living room anymore either — so every year more than a dozen different manufacturers bring out more than a hundred different TV models in total, making the choice between any one of those rather tricky. …

Windows 11 Incoming

All the facts, some commentary, lots of links about Microsoft’s next operating system

For an operating system allegedly less than three months away we still do not know a lot about Windows 11. Here’s what we do know. (Image: Microsoft)

So! Windows 11 is coming whether people like it, need it or not — and there’s still much we do not know about Microsoft’s operating system that will be taking the mantle from Windows 10, the world’s most popular computer OS right now. After taking a few questions about it from friends and colleagues I did a quick search and found out that there’s not a single FAQ in all of about Windows 11, so I decided to publish one.

Here it is. The whole point of it is being concise, so one can quickly find the answer to…

The State of TV 2021

Does the mid-ranger that’s replacing last year’s well-received XH90 tick all the right boxes?

Sony is introducing a new picture processor this year, the Cognitive Processor XR, and the X90J is the most affordable Bravia based on it. Can this model stand out in the mid-range category based on the XR alone? (Image: Sony)

With 8K still not quite ready for mainstream adoption and out of reach for many consumers, Sony keeps its focus on 4K mid-range and hi-end models — rightly so, in fact, as it seems that there’s still room for improvement over what’s on offer by the Japanese company and others up until now. What’s more, in the LED/LCD category Sony chose not to try its hand at MiniLED this year, relying on tried and true local dimming or traditional backlighting tech for all of the new non-OLED Bravias instead. …

Better Late Than Even Later

Sony prepares for PS5's system software 2.0 launch, here’s what you need to know

This expansion bay will be put to good use at long last: the latest firmware for the PS5, currently in beta, will activate the M.2 SSD slot that allows gamers to add more storage space to the system. (Image: Sony)

It’s no secret that the PlayStation5 lacked a few key features when it launched worldwide last November, but it was one in particular that gamers have been complaining about the most: the option to expand its storage space. Sure, PS4 games can always be played directly off an external HDD or SSD, but PS5 games can only be installed in the system’s internal SSD which offers “just” around 650 GB. It was OK at first — there were not too many PS5 games that required a lot of storage space — but as months went by it became clear that…

Rules of Engagement

There’s indeed something rotten in the state of Cupertino and this is how you handle it

Hear that? It’s the sound of Apple zealots surrounding the comments section of every newly published article about the company’s choices. Here’s how to deal with them so we can all benefit long-term. (Image: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels)

Now, this is a kind of piece I never thought I’d write, but it’s just too hilarious a situation not to share and too good an opportunity to not make the most of, so here we are. I’ve been testing iPadOS 15 on an iPad Pro 2020 and comparing notes with a former colleague working as a QA manager now and an acquaintance of his that is a coder. Both are irredeemable Apple fanboys that rarely ever admit that the Cupertino giant can make mistakes or questionable choices, but we can usually agree to disagree in a civilized manner.


The Future Is Here… Sort Of

Microsoft’s Windows 365 may be the beginning of the end for computing as we know it today. Yes, really.

Running the full Windows 10 operating system and any compatible application over the Internet is an option that businesses and people will have in August. The Cloud PC is officially real, people. (Image: Microsoft)

Seemingly out of nowhere — rumors about a “cloud version of Windows” were all over the Web last summer but hadn’t resurfaced since — Microsoft unveiled a different future direction for modern computing. As all things “futuristic” in computing these days it has to do with “the cloud”, not just with data and storage though: Windows 365 is a virtualized but complete operating system, a networked version of Windows 10 that will be available to use starting August 2. …

But Can It Run Crysis For An Hour?

Valve revives the SteamPC dream in a portable device, out in major markets by the end of the year

The Steam Deck is an impressively powerful custom PC that Valve and AMD managed to cram into a shell barely bigger than that of a Nintendo Switch. (Image: Valve)

There are people who believe in coincidences and people who don’t but… come on: mere days after Nintendo unveiled the rather underwhelming OLED Switch, which is nice but definitely not a game-changer in any sense of the word, Valve unveils a handheld gaming system that, well, is. The rumored “Steam Pal” is real, it’s called the Steam Deck and it’s a full, custom-designed PC that Valve put together with the help of AMD. It features a 4-core Zen2 architecture CPU running at up to 3.5 GHz, an 8-core RDNA2 architecture GPU, 16 GB of RAM and either eMMC or NVME…

Mini Upgrades, Lineup Trouble

It all depends, of course, but it feels harder to make a case for it in 2021 — that is, unless…

The iPad Mini is heavily rumored to get a significant refresh before the year is out — but what is Apple cooking for the smallest of its many, many tablets and what would that mean for its tablet lineup? (Image: Jeff Sheldon, Unsplash)

Funny thing about Apple product rumors: if they seem to persist, then they are probably true. So… regarding the iPad Mini — Apple’s smallest but most affordable tablet — rumors that started circulating last year, resurfaced in February, then came back for another round in late May, suggest all we have to do now is wait until they prove to be true? That’s the case according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, anyway, who recently mentioned in a report that a new iPad Mini is scheduled for release before the end of the year.

Apple has not updated the iPad Mini since…

The Shape of Things to Come?

Selling a lot of virtual tickets may not be as important as it seems… yet

Black Widow premiered in cinemas and on Disney Plus this past weekend, successfully in both cases — so what does that mean for the future of Disney movies long-term? (Image: Disney)

You just know when a company has something to boast about when it releases numbers for things it used not to — and that is exactly what’s happening with Disney and Black Widow: the House of Mouse reported on the opening weekend of the Marvel Studios movie as it always does but, this time, included its streaming service, Disney Plus, in the announced figures. …

Windows 11 Incoming

Microsoft will be offering a rather short roll-back window (sorry) to consumers… but… why?

Windows 11 will be a free upgrade to all eligible Windows 10 users — at some point next year — but it turns out that there’s something they need to be aware of before making the jump. (Image: Microsoft)

New information about Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 11, keeps cropping up from different sources and some of it is rather interesting to consumers — especially to those that are thinking about upgrading from Windows 10. The Redmond giant has been sharing an official Windows 11 FAQ with many PC manufacturers so they can have a better idea of its intentions and be prepared to answer customer questions (one can take a look at it right here at MSI’s website in PDF form). …

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