Better Late Than Never

Microsoft is dropping the Xbox Live Gold requirement, long overdue move imminent

Not long now: Xbox joins PlayStation and PC in offering actual free online multiplayer options to free-to-play games. Radical, right? I know! (Image credit: Javier Martinez, Unsplash)

Hard Earned Wins

Want to know one of the main reasons for Apple’s success? Look no further.

An adoption rate of over 90% is astounding for any operating system, yet Apple pulled it off in 6 months — on a user base of devices going back to 2015. This really is unprecedented. (Image credit: Bagus Hernawan, Unsplash)

Better Late Than Never

Sony addresses an important problem, plenty of additions and changes too

It took its sweet time, but Sony is releasing the first noteworthy firmware update for the PlayStation5 since its launch in November. Here’s hope that future ones drop more often than that. (Image credit: Martin Katler, Unsplash)

Plan B: Hybrid

The House of Mouse does not follow Warner yet… but it’s not betting on movie theatres either

Black Widow was delayed several times in the last 15 months in order to be released in movie theatres only, but the ongoing pandemic had different ideas. (Image credit: Disney)

Promises, Promises

Targeted at consumers thinking of buying a top Sony TV in 2021 — but is it premium enough?

Offering content in order to increase the value of tech products is not that common because it’s usually not that effective an approach — but if anyone can pull this off, it’s probably Sony. (Image credit: Sony)

It might be at first glance, but a closer look at the situation raises some questions

Epic’s efforts to compete with Valve’s Steam are supported in no small part by its offering multiple free PC games every month. Great. Are there any side effects to consider about this approach, though? (Image: Epic Games)

Preparing For War?

Lots of new games — classic and fresh alike — added, a push for mainstream success a possibility

A lot of quality App Store games like the pictured Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker could have easily been released on an Xbox or a PlayStation… and that may actually be Apple’s whole point. (Image credit: Apple)

Growing Pains

The most popular streaming service in the world under scrutiny again — with good reason this time

Having ridden the wave of the pandemic in 2020, Netflix now is again in slow growth waters — so its prospects seem to be in question… again. Are they really, though? (Image credit: Thibault Penin, Unsplash)

No Great Loss

Microsoft’s voice assistant had overstayed its welcome, other tech giants should take note

Not everything tech giants attempt to copy from other tech giants works out in the end. Microsoft’s Cortana is a prime example of that. (Image credit: Unknown)

A Necessary End

The Koreans are probably doing the right thing, there may be more such departures before the year’s out

After months of speculation, LG Electronics is officially ceasing all operations of its mobile division by the end of July. (Image: LG)

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