Top Lister At Long Last

No flagship killer, true flagship regardless

Once the slayer of flagships, OnePlus now directly competes with other top manufacturers in the $1000/€1000 premium category — and the OnePlus 9 Pro is proof of that. (Image: OnePlus)

Memories of Animation

Microsoft takes the final step in wiping out Adobe’s animation tech next month

See that red envelope? By the end of July, it will be part of the World Wide Web’s list of now-obsolete technologies: Flash is to be force-uninstalled from Windows 10 PCs once and for all. (Image: Aksid, Goodfon)

State of the OS 2021

This used to be the icon of the most popular operating system in the world, now it’s the icon of the most widely used one — the difference is, it’s now viewed as a necessary evil. (Image credit: FreeStocks, Unsplash)

Competing Allies

Microsoft follows Epic’s example in its own Windows Store, the pressure now on Valve

Microsoft may not be the first company coming to mind when talking about crusades to break monopolies, yet the company has now sided with Epic on precisely such a crusade. (Image: Microsoft)

A Cure For A Symptom

Even though unintentional, it’s also the boldest admission of inadequacy ever voiced online

Does this view seem familiar? What comes next is familiar too: the arduous process of going through Netflix’s library yet again for something to watch. Select… “Play Something”, then? (Image: Freestocks, Unsplash)

Cause and Effect and Vice Versa

Best ever financial year for Sony’s gaming division, 2021 might prove to be different

The pandemic helped Sony have its most successful PlayStation year ever in 2020, but that won’t be easily repeated in 2021. (Image: Sony)

Double Booking Antics

After Netflix, Disney Plus and other services will get future releases as well as catalog titles

Future Jumanji films from Sony Pictures will probably appear on Netflix as well as on Disney Plus, based on these two new long-term deals. (Image: Sony)

100-inch Picture Portable Home Cinema

Small in size, big on features, fair on price

Portable projectors used to mean that serious compromises had to be made in picture quality and features, but the EF-12 proves that this is no longer the case while bringing many unexpected extras to the table. (Image: Epson)

Screentime Through The Roof

More screen time than ever for many of us, but will the trend continue post-pandemic?

Global app spending went up by 60% in the last 15 months, an unprecedented jump for the mobile market. (Image: Rob Hampson, Unsplash)

Neither Here Nor There

Sales of physical media in the last couple of years paint an unexpected picture for disc-based content

Ever since UltraHD Blu-ray discs were announced much doubt has been expressed about their prospects in the global market. What if they just replace Blu-ray discs outright, though? (Image: Gio Bartlett, Unsplash)

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